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Recipe Of The Day: Sesame pie

1 kilo of sesame | 1 kilo of phyllo | 3 tea cups of smashed nuts | 1 tea cup of sugar | cinnamon | cloves in powder | ½ tea cup of oil | corn oil to spread the phyllos.

6 water glasses of sugar | 8 water glasses of water.

We wash, sauté and smash the sesame. We add the nuts, the sugar and the cloves. We lay 7-8 phyllos and we spread corn oil on them. Then we start spreading the mixture of sesame and the rest phyllo successively. Finally, put some phyllos without any oil at the top of the pie. As soon as we finish this procedure, we heat ½ cup of oil and we pour it on the pie. We bake the pie for an hour in a medium temperature. As soon as the pie is cold, we boil the syrup for 8 minutes and we syrup the pie.

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