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Orthodox Destinations

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St. John Climacus: Let us please the Lord as soldiers please their king...

Let us eagerly run our course as men called by our God and King, lest, since our time is short, we be found in the day of our death without fruit and perish of hunger.

Let us please the Lord as soldiers please their king; because we are required to give an exact account of our service after the campaign.

Let us fear the Lord not less than we fear beasts. 

For I have seen men who were going to steal and were not afraid of God, but, hearing the barking of dogs, they at once turned back; and what the fear of God could not achieve was done by the fear of animals.

Let us love God at least as much as we respect our friends. 

For I have often seen people who had offended God and were not in the least perturbed about it.

And I have seen how those same people provoked their friends in some trifling matter and then employed every artifice, every device, every sacrifice, every apology, both personally and through friends and relatives, not sparing gifts, in order to regain their former love.

St. John Climacus

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